You can certainly get your visas independently.

However, in most cases it will involve travelling to the embassy at least twice, first to submit the application, and then to pick up your passport with the visa in it – assuming your paperwork was correct the first time; embassies are quite happy to turn away visa applicants, no matter how long you’ve been waiting!

This will mean taking days off work to get yourself to and from the embassy, and hours of queuing with no indication of when you might get seen. Often there is only one embassy in a country too, normally located in the capital city (e.g London, Wellington, Canberra), so getting there could involve a long drive or an expensive flight.

Let us take away the queues, the vague instructions and the frustration. By using our services, you’ll be able to do everything from comfort of your own home, and the only trip you’ll have to make is to the post office to send us your documents.

But what about eVisas, I hear you ask! Surely they’re just a matter of filling out an online form? Think again. The internet is flooded with scam websites claiming to be the ‘official’ government portal, but leave you with a phony document. Be very cautious if you do decide to get your own eVisas. You don’t want to rock up to a border and be denied entry because your eVisa isn’t legit!

Not only do we guarantee that an eVisa obtained through us has been issued by the governing body of that country, but by using our services you greatly reduce the chance of errors on your eVisa. A simple typo, such as a missing letter or number, is enough to be denied entry into a country.

Save yourself some stress and leave the hard work to our experts. All you need to do is choose the visas you want, follow the online instructions, and send your passport and paperwork to us. Check out our section on ‘How Does the Website Work?’, for further info.

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